Reminders and Procedure Changes for 2017

  1. No guaranteed starters in 2017.
  2. Substitute driver – use only one time – car can run in only one division – must notify the handicapper during sign in period – points and money go to original driver – substitute driver must come from same division or one of equal status unless prior approval from management (example: modified driver can substitute for pro stock or sportsman driver). 4-cylinder drivers can substitute for another 4-cylinder driver only.
  3. All 4-cylinder cars must have different numbers (two digits only) – no letters other than s (single cam) and d (dual cam) allowed. Numbers can be registered at any time at on a first come basis.
  4. Spinning out 3 times unassisted will be disqualified from race.
  5. If a car intentionally hits another car under racing, yellow flag or in the pits such car shall be penalized after review by officials.
  6. Driver or crew assaulting or throwing an object at another driver on the track or in the pits shall be penalized.
  7. Refusing tech (loss of money and points for the night plus suspension of driver and car – substitute driver can’t be used – car must pass inspection before racing again).
  8. Red Flag – During any red flag conditions all drivers, unless involved in the accident, shall remain in their cars unless otherwise instructed by the race director. No working on cars on the track. After the red flag and all cars have come to a stop the race director may offer any car(s) to the pit for service. Such car(s) shall start at the rear.  This applies to cars towed to the infield.
  9. Race cars/haulers not allowed in the pits until 4:00 p.m. (gates officially open) for all regular races unless they have prior approval from management.
  10. No ALCOHOL allowed in the pits until all racing is complete and the pit gates are open to the public. Anyone caught drinking an alcoholic drink will be removed from the pit area.
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