Need to Know for Racers

Need to Know for Racers


Modifieds (Big blocks and Small blocks combined)

Limited Sportsman
Pro Stocks
Street Stocks
These are the main weekly divisions. We also have Four Cylinders (Single and Dual Cam) who race on selected nights — see the schedule for details.

LINKS FOR RACERS PAGE (click here or use menu item above)


For complete handicapping information, go to HANDICAPPING

AMB Transponders


• All cars (except Street Stocks and 4 Cylinders) are required to have AMB transponders.

• MYLAPS.COM  We upload results to from our AMB Scoring System
• Use the link above, or go to, under “events results” and then you can do a search for Albany Saratoga Speedway. You can also register yourself and your transponder as a user.


• All cars in all divisions are required to have a working Raceceiver at all times.
• This is not optional, it is a safety device.
• Please check to make sure your Raceceiver is functioning at the beginning of the night.
• Batteries are for sale at the pit gate windows.

Results, Official Finishes, and Points

The Official Points will be posted to this website under POINTS & FINISHES. If you have any questions about handicapping, e-mail Kevin at

• No one under the age of 13 is admitted in the pits, ever.
• If you have a minor age 13-17 coming into the pits, they must have a complete (and signed by a parent/guardian) Minors Release on file. No one under 18 is admitted into the pits without one.
• A copy of the birth certificate is required to accompany the Minors Release. Please be sure to bring one with you if you have a minor coming into the pits for the first time each season. Must show I.D. if asked for proof of age (this is enforced). Minor’s release MUST be signed by parent or legal guardian ONLY.
• Once a minors release is filed, it is in force for the rest of the season, and the minor’s name will be included on our list at the pit gate window.
• Minors releases may be obtained by calling or emailing the office, or you can print one here. It saves time if they are done beforehand, but they are available at the pit gate window also.

Competitive Advantage Program

Click HERE to see a flyer advertising Competitive Advantage Program motorsports accident insurance for drivers (and crew members). More information is also available at

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